the blue network
Film Title  : The Blue Network
Genre  : Thriller
 Pilot Medium  : Hi-Definition
 Pilot Running Time  :  18 Minutes
 Feature Film Medium  :  Hi-Def or 35mm
 Full Feature Duration  : 120 Minutes
 Filming Date  : TBA
 Writer / Producer  : David Ostick
 Co-Producer  : TBA
 Executive Producer  : TBA
 Director  : TBA
 Casting  : TBA
 Sales Agent  : TBA


‘The Blue Network’ is a story of corruption with the highest corridors of power involving the calculated and organised abuse of children on an international scale. Police and Government investigative teams are desperate to break a highly organised ‘blue chip’ abduction network, which has claimed so many young lives, whilst being at a loss as to who is assassinating suspected ring members without trial. Tension reaches breaking point when Agents and Police are forced to face the unthinkable – that their own members may be the ones they seek’.

For the purpose of clarity ‘The Blue Network’ does not carry any scenes of violence or abuse towards children.

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